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本着日式西餐廳飲食概念,spaghetti 360° 以一貫高水準及深受歡迎的1.7mm意大利粉及招牌熱石鍋飯作招徠,更推出一系列嶄新菜式,如日式咖喱飯系列、鐵板小食、~2mm脆趣薄餅、特色酷飲及甜品等,打造年輕人飲食文化新潮流。本店取名360°,意即讓客人有一個360°全新飲食體驗,以優質食物、稱心服務及舒適環境360°全方位滿足客人需要。
Based on the Japanese-western dining concept, spaghetti 360° is dedicated to providing customers a 360° total dining experience with high quality food,  impeccable service and comfortable environment. With our signature products including 1.7mm spaghetti & stone pot rice, in addition to various innovative dishes like curry rice in Japanese style, sizzling plates, ~2mm pizza, special drinks and desserts, we are confident to develop a brand new trend in food & beverage industry.

新推出酥皮湯晚餐 ($78起), 只限星期一至四於新都城、皇室堡及屯門店。 <1.9.2014>

將軍澳廣場新店將於9月中開幕,密切留意開幕優惠! <1.9.2014>